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McKenzie Security Ltd
Specialising in hotel security

It is a well known and sad fact, that a small number of employees in any organisation are engaged in dishonest activities. This is particularly the case when staff are involved in any form of cash handling activities.

Although the number of employees involved in any such activities are small, their impact on the profitability of the business can be substantial. When stock checks produce deficit returns it is often very difficult for resident management to discover the reasons for the losses.

Bar Theft

Dishonesty in bars is a considerable concern and is manifested in a number of ways. For example;

  • Fraudulent Point of Sale entries by way of ‘No Sale’ entries and under-ringing of sales
  • Staff consumption of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Free drinks given to friends at the bar
  • Over–pouring and ‘free pouring’ of spirit measures

Cash Handling Outlets

Employee dishonesty can also be found in other Cash Handling areas such as;

  • Cash payments for Room Service
  • Cash payments in restaurants and particularly for breakfast
  • Car parking charges
  • Spa treatments

In general any area where cash payments are made, are vulnerable to employee dishonesty.

Contact us now for a completely confidential discussion on any concerns you may have with regard to Cash Handling irregularities.

We have a wealth of experience in carrying out Cash Handling Investigations and Test Purchasing in bars and food and beverage outlets. We have an excellent record of positive results in detecting dishonesty.

We currently work with a number of high profile hotel groups in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Europe.

If you have regular identified stock deficits, then we can help to highlight or eliminate areas of concern.

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